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cautions & cleanup

Note: Dangers may remain after a storm's intensity has ebbed. Hurricanes and tropical storms can continue to wreak damage, even when the winds decrease, and you may still experience life-threatening storm surge, inland flooding, and dangerous debris.  Downed wires can be deadly.



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  1. Assess safety before venturing outside.

  2. Check in with neighbors and family for reports on your safety and theirs.

  3. Survey your property for damage.

  4. Photograph and record any damage.

  5. Notify your insurance company if your property has sustained damage.  

  6. Report downed wires and trees or other debris blocking roads.

  7. Offer help to your neighbors. You may be the lifeline until the official lifeline arrives. 

  8. Consult FEMA at

  9. Volunteer for island cleanup.

  10. Stay alert.  Dial 911 if you see imminent danger to people or property.

  11. Replenish supplies for the next big one.


Chappy CERT and are sponsored by Chappaquiddick Island Association, Edgartown, MA, 02539. 

Your dues help support our work.  


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