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As a storm approaches

See Pre-Storm Planning for more information


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  1. Shop ahead.  Don't wait until the last minute -- supplies on island go fast.

  2. Retrieve your portable radio. Tune into a local station for live updates.
    WMVY 88.7 FM    WVVY 96.3 FM    WCAI 90.1 FM
    Stay informed of the latest forecasts -- changes in storm track, intensity, and point of landfall may dramatically change potential impacts.  

  3. Watch your smartphone for the alerts and updates you signed up for.

  4. Fuel up or charge your car, generator, and handhelds. Check batteries on flashlights, etc.   

  5. Batten down the hatches.  Secure doors, windows, outdoor furniture — and boats.

  6. Secure pets and animals.

  7. Fill big pots and bathtubs with water.

  8. Organize your household emergency kit for your needs. 

  9. Prepare your gas grill and/or space heaters. 

  10. Check in with neighbors and family. Tell them your plan.


Know the risks

Consult your tidal gauge map for Edgartown

Hurricane intensity categories 1-5

Nearly 90% of all hurricane-related deaths involve water: storm surge, inland flooding, rip currents, or rough surf.  Hurricanes can also spawn tornadoes, even in the outer bands far from the center. Hazardous conditions can occur well ahead and well after a hurricane's arrival.


Chappy CERT and are sponsored by Chappaquiddick Island Association, Edgartown, MA, 02539. 

Your dues help support our work.  


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