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During a storm

Time to hunker down and shelter in place.
Note: The Coast Guard may shut down Island ferries temporarily. 



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  1. Find safety tips on sheltering in place from the state of Massachusetts:

  2. Monitor storm weather alerts with your portable radio.

  3. If you are in a flood zone, check tidal surge projections while you have internet access and cell service. 

  4. If you are at risk of flood, monitor official alerts for possible evacuation mandates.

  5. If you need to evacuate or seek safe shelter, know what to bring and plan alternative routes. 

  6. Find safety tips on sheltering in place from the state of Massachusetts, go here: Have your "Go Bag" at the ready.

  7. Never grill indoors and always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using generators and heaters to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.  

  8. Take precautions against lightning, falling trees, downed wires, and wind. 

  9. If evacuating, turn off gas and electric connections. 

  10. Avoid walking through floodwaters as they may contain contamination and dangerous debris.


Chappy CERT and are sponsored by Chappaquiddick Island Association, Edgartown, MA, 02539. 

Your dues help support our work.  


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