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Pre-storm planning

Preparing for natural disasters and emergency situations

Advance storm preparation saves lives.  
It takes time.  Start now!

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Download Chappy CERT's "Storm Prep" 2-pager and keep it handy.


 (Click image or this LINK)


  1. Create your own family emergency plan, including pets and animals. Download FEMA's here:

  2. Organize your emergency kit - including a 3+ day supply of water and ready-to-eat foods, meds and pet supplies.
    Download FEMA's list here  Remember that by the time a storm approaches, emergency supplies on island may be in short supply. 

  3. Purchase a solar, hand-crack or battery-powered portable radio, or dust off your ham radio.

  4. Photocopy your driver's license/photo ID, passport, medical and credit cards, home and auto insurance policies.  Store in a watertight "Go Bag".  

  5. Plan to shelter in place - unless directed otherwise by public officials

  6. If you have serious medical issues, create a medical emergency plan involving your family or caretakers. Alert officials to special needs. 

  7. If you live, work or vacation on Chappy, you may be in a storm tide pathwayBookmark and consult this page  Under "Choose Tide Gauge", select Edgartown."  

  8. Plan for a possible evacuation before a storm makes landfall if your home is in an at-risk area, or the storm is forecast to be especially severe. Check out your alternative travel routes. 

  9. Sign up for multiple alerts.  Experts advise that you have access to more than one way to receive lifesaving warnings in real time.
    for local Edgartown alerts on your cell phone: Text EDGARTOWN to (877)550-8627
    for Dukes County, MA alerts on your cell phone:
    for FEMA - Download the FEMA app for your smartphone and customize alert requests there. It will send you real-time weather and emergency alerts from the National Weather Service.
    Twitter: @MassEMA (not monitored 24/7) 
    On Facebook:
    On Facebook: Join ChappyChat for our local islanders’ postings
    Visit Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for live alerts:

  10. Preset your portable radios to a Martha's Vineyard station for live info:
    WMVY 88.7 FM   
    WVVY 96.3 FM    
    WCAI 90.1 FM

  11. Sign up here for Woods Hole/Martha's Vineyard Steamship Authority email alerts:

  12. Go here for Chappy Ferry status updates

  13. Find safety tips on sheltering in place from the state of Massachusetts here:

  14. Track developing storms:

  15. Visit American Red Cross website for additional information:

  16. Take a class in emergency training at the Chappaquiddick Community Center.  Watch calendar for classes:

  17. Learn more.  Knowing in advance when and how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property during a disaster can make all the difference.


Consult the Woods Hole Homeowner's Handbook to prepare for Coastal Hazards, including lists of emergency supplies, planning & safety tips.  Download here:


Visit FEMA's website, which offers an abundance of information, some in multiple languages

YouTube channel:


Chappy CERT and are sponsored by Chappaquiddick Island Association, Edgartown, MA, 02539. 

Your dues help support our work.  


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