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Your Chappy Storm Lifeline

& Community Emergency Response Team

Are you ready for the next big storm or natural disaster on Chappy? This website provides valuable information to help prepare and protect you and yours.  Whether you’re looking for help with advance planning, or urgently preparing for an emergency situation, you'll find tips, links, downloads and live up-to-date resources.

The time to prepare is now!

Get Prepared

Like any island, Chappaquiddick is vulnerable to natural disasters, sometimes severe. The impacts of a nor'easter or hurricane may last hours or days. There may be flooding, downed wires and trees, and power outages - meaning no pumped water or electric landlines, cell phones, or internet. Coast Guard storm regulations could suspend ferry services.  Calebs Pond flooding could shut down Chappaquiddick Road access to the ferry. All would mean limited access to food, medications, and even emergency services. The good news is that Chappy CERT is here to help you prepare.


Chappy CERT is the Chappaquiddick Community Emergency Response Team, a neighbor-to-neighbor, community-based response for Emergency Preparedness on Chappy. Our goal is for every household to be equipped to shelter in place or be prepared to evacuate.   Chappy CERT wants residents and guests to know what to do in an emergency or evacuation.Chappy CERT is sponsored by the Chappaquiddick Island Association. 

Your dues help support our efforts.  Join today! 

Live Chappt Smartsm is a service mark of Chappaquiddick Island Association, Edgartown, MA 02539.

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